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Introduction to my artwork... Previous murals, canvas art and more

 Friday, November 23, 2012

I thought I would share the different types of artwork I have done in the past. Here are some examples for you to see.

 This client picked out a jungle themed bedding, and I painted murals to match it.

This is a canvas wall hanging that I painted.

I painted many stretched canvas growth charts like these. Clients liked these because they hang much nicer on the wall then most other hanging growth charts that bend, and it is a memoir that they can keep forever by taking out the staples and rolling it up.

I also paint sets of stretched canvas painting. The set of three looks really sweet above a crib.

Name plaques were popular as well as it was an inexpensive way to add personalization and a coordinating piece of art to a room.

I also did many rooms with different faux brick and stone. This room was a castle room for a little boy.

I painted the large oil painting above the bed to match the other oil painting that they had gotten on a vacation once. 

This was a room with scripture painted here and there on top of a faux finish. 

This large 25 ft. canvas mural was painted for an Italian Market called Caggiano's on Long Island, NY.

 This is another canvas mural painted for Caggiano's...a nice little Tuscan scene.

I also painted in an Italian restaurant called Pomodorino's on Long Island. This was above the dessert area.

This was a large great room that I faux finished. I think the ceiling was 20 ft. high...That's when I realized that I would be sticking to normal ceilings from then on. I did a lot of praying on that job!


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