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Family Worship in the Vande Slunt Home

 Friday, November 23, 2012

We love our family worship time with Daddy each night! My husband Noel has taken this very seriously after the Lord convicted him of the importance of giving our children the Words of Life daily. We have some wonderful godly men at church that have helped him and encouraged him to get started with this daily activity in our home. 

It really is pretty simple. For us, we start out with singing. Usually I am able to play my viola, which has been such a sweet added on gift to starting this tradition. I played regularly in high school and college, but after that it just never seemed to be a big enough priority to make time for it consistently. It's nice that this is planned time that I don't even need to feel like I am taking from the family in any way. I've also started teaching the girls violin, and they're loving it!

Anyhow, we sing 3 songs usually, and then Noel reads and teaches from the Bible. We started in Genesis and are going to go straight through to Revelation. He goes through 1 to 2 chapters a night, and right now we are in 2 Samuel. After Bible time, we go through our prayer list and each of us pray. As you can see, we just love getting all snuggled up together, and it has become a precious time for our family. On busy days, Noel reads and teaches in the van, and then we sing songs together. It's really sweet when it's a day where we did family worship in the morning, and the girls don't remember. At bedtime they get very concerned and say, "But we didn't do family worship!"

As wives, it takes a bit of transitioning to making this the highest priority. I've had to let things go, (like not having that laundry put away that you see on the end table), and just say that will have to be done later or tomorrow. 

We pray that it would be a true blessing to our children, in the years to come that they would have the Lord's precious words hidden in their hearts.  There are many other things that we could do or get done in that time, but I can't think of anything more valuable.


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