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A Fun Homeschool Project: Learning Anatomy

 Saturday, January 5, 2013

The last time I was at our local homeschool store, a sweet woman who works there recommended an idea for teaching anatomy of the human body. I was happy to have been given this idea because after we learned about cells, the next part of our Science lessons was going to be focusing on the human body.

So, we went to the hardware store and picked up a roll of the brown paper that contractors use on the floor, otherwise known as builder's paper. :-)

Next, we rolled out the paper and I had each child lay down on it so I could trace their bodies. 

(Thank you to Julianna, my photographer.)
Then, I cut out their bodies, and we taped them up on the wall.

Obviously, these are not perfect by any means, but the goal isn't perfection, rather that they learn about the human body in a fun and practical way.

Then, we started adding on bones as we are learning about the skeletal system. (We'll have to come back and finish with some of the bones after we do the other systems). But, so far we have our femur, patella, tibia and fibula bones! :-) You can use anatomy books or the internet to find diagrams of the body to help you along.

We added Annabelle to the wall, which is neat because they can see how much they have grown...and she was feeling rather neglected. ;-)

I look forward to finishing this project and referring back to it. I hope this was helpful!


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