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So we've picked out a name for baby girl...

 Monday, December 24, 2012


Annabelle Mileah Martha Vande Slunt

which means 

"Lady of Beautiful Grace and Gentle Strength" 

We have loved the name Annabelle for some time now. It has always been on our list.  

Now, there is a reason the rest of her name is a wee bit long...

The 1st middle name, Mileah, is after Noel's grandmother on his mother's side of the family, whose name is Mildred. (We used a variant of it as we thought it might flow a little bit better.) Grandma Westerveld is an amazing lady that we look up to. She turned 101 years old this past May! She loves the Lord, loves her family, keeps a good sense of humor at all times and is a lady who draws her strength and positive outlook from the Lord.

 The 2nd middle name, Martha, was Noel's grandmother on his father's side of the family. I unfortunately never got to meet Grandma Vande Slunt, as she passed away shortly after Noel and I met, but I have heard such loving stories from Noel about her. She loved the Lord, cared dearly for her family, was a hard worker helping her husband on their farm, and made some delicious pies.

We pray that the Lord would shape this little girl's heart so that she would rise up to truly be a lady of beautiful grace and gentle strength, as of course that grace and strength would come from Him.

Thank you for letting us share!  


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