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Our Recent Uses For Essential Oils and Our Bout with the Whooping Cough

 Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Noel...Grapefruit Oil to help with weight loss. He really does notice that it curbs his hunger. The great thing is that Grapefruit Oil has many other benefits to the body. To find out more, click here.

Myself...Lavender on my tummy at night. This has helped many expecting moms with stretch marks, and it also has helped me to sleep much deeper. I end up feeling more refreshed and energetic during the day because I have slept better. I also used it for a headache I had gotten a few weeks ago, and it offered some relief so that I didn't need to grab the tylenol. I am going to start putting a drop of Lemon oil in my water 3 times a day as well. Lemon oil has been known to have many health benefits as well. I am also looking forward to receiving the Gentle Baby oil blend that I ordered, as it is a great oil for pregnancy and newborns.

Julianna...Purification oil in, around and below her ear for what seemed to be the start of an ear infection. We did this for a couple of days and it never grew into anything worse. This was due to a cold that they all got at the end of the whooping cough.

Rebecca...Peppermint oil on her tummy for a tummy ache and lavender on her feet to help her relax and sleep during it.

Thomas...He is my Eucalyptus boy! Due to his lung issues from RSV/Bronchiolitis at 5 months and then recurrent pneumonia until 18 months, when he gets a cold, he has a harder time working the mucus out of his lungs. Eucalyptus opens up the passageways better than Albuterol or any steroid like Pulmicort ever could. What a blessing this has been! When he is dealing with a cold, his oil regimen is Thieves on the soles of his feet, RC on the tops of his feet, a little bit of peppermint on the soles of his feet and on his chest, and Eucalyptus on his chest. I do the Eucalyptus 3-4 times a day, and the rest 2 times a day. He was able to get through the whooping cough, when a year ago a little cold would have him in bad shape and he would end up with another round of antibiotics.

Also, for the whooping cough, the girls also received Thomas' oil regimen. They all also had mega doses of Vitamin C which is wonderful for controlling the coughing fits and helping to keep them to a minimum. We also made sure they had Vitamin D and we made sure they had very limited sugar and no dairy. Hopefully, you will never have to deal with the whooping cough, but if you do those are natural ways to handle it and not have to use an antibiotic. Of course, we did have to hibernate for a few weeks, as it is very contagious and that contagious period is about 3 weeks, with a slight possible chance of it lasting until 6-8 weeks. Having to "hide" for so long wasn't easy, but I was glad that I didn't have to use an antibiotic, and that their system was able to fight it and build strength through it. Obviously, if your child is an infant, you might have to take different measures, as it is harder for them to work through those coughing fits.


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