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A Unique Mural Idea: Painted Closet Doors!

 Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Most people don't think of using their closet doors as a work of art, but I have had some clients who have had me do so and have loved it. Especially if you rent your apartment or home, this is a great way to add artwork to the room without doing something permanent on the walls. Painted doors can also be used as a large mural by simply attaching it flat to the wall with L brackets. The beauty of using closet doors as a mural is that if you have to unexpectedly move, or if you just want to keep it as a memoir, you can just fold them up and keep them forever. Many clients have told me that they were so sad when they found out they had to move and couldn't peel their mural off the wall. Also, as your little one grows and decides he or she is no longer a baby, their mural can easily be just folded up and kept somewhere safe...possibly even for a grandchild to use in his or her room someday!

Here are some examples of closet door murals, but remember, anything that can be painted on the wall or canvas, can usually be painted on a closet door. 
Contact me and we can start making plans for your closet door mural.


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