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What a delight...I am blessed

 Sunday, February 17, 2013

It is Sunday evening, and as I sit down to plan the schooling for the week and tomorrow's to do list, I think about the day the Lord has just given me and I realize I am so blessed. I woke up to hear the sweet words, "Mamaaa....". I hadn't slept well the night before, so my husband so sweetly got up with Thomas and let me sleep almost another hour. I then hear my children laughing downstairs and join them for breakfast. Then, we went to church to be with our brothers and sisters, to pray, worship and hide the Word in our hearts. We heard a wonderful sermon on Matthew 26:26...The Bread of Life, and then partook of the bread and the cup. Next, we enjoyed a fellowship meal together and were able to eat with a sweet family. We then were able to hear from a missionary in Turkey, about his testimony and the work the Lord has him and his family doing over there, which was both encouraging and challenging to hear! Following that, we witnessed a baptism of a lovely young lady who was saved 8 months ago, the daughter of precious friends of ours. After enjoying some more fellowship and hearing more from the missionary, we went to have supper with a family who has been such a blessing to us. We then headed to SLBC where we focused on two books of the Bible, Obadiah and Jonah, which was really enlightening. Afterwards I sat and talked with a friend about the blessing of birthing babies, and then we headed home and tucked our sleepy children into bed.

The Sabbath is such a delight, and I am so thankful that the Lord has shown us what a blessing it is, and that He has lovingly commanded us to partake. 

I am so thankful for our church family. We really do feel rather spoiled to be a part of it.


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